Industrial Plant Automation

Automation Control & Optimization Plant wide Business Intelligence Dashboard

PCI is unique with its deep knowledge and experience in design and engineering of industrial automation solutions, giving our customers Control Optimization and a Plant Wide Intelligence Dashboard. Which allows owners, managers, and supervisors to make the most intelligent decisions regarding their automation needs and plant operation.

PCI has decades of experience configuring, installing, and maintaining Distributed Control Systems and Supervisory Control (DCS) and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems. Along with our systems we develop electrical and mechanical drawings, I/O Lists, specify and select instrumentation/field devices and controls equipment for all projects. Which provide a customization solution unique for each of our customers.

PCI has proven to support over 12,000 field I/O point devices. With end-to-end operability verification, while providing NSIT (National Institute of Technology) calibrations and corresponding records for instruments/devices. Which allows for seamless integration and functionality on the largest of systems.

The results are customized designs for customers, custom designed for preferred processes, and seamless platform transitions.

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